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What Is The Most Popular Non-Alcoholic Drink?

If someone asked you to name your favourite drink, you might assume that they were asking about an alcoholic one. However, it shouldn’t be that surprising to know that the most popular beverages are actually alcohol-free.

Let’s look at them here. Can you guess what the most popular drink is going to be?

5. Orange Juice

Fruit juice is beloved by many people, not just children. Orange juice is the most popular variety, and you’ll find an excellent selection in any grocery store. 

Orange juice can be made from concentrate or fresh-squeezed, and there are plenty of people that enjoy a glass with breakfast every morning. Though orange juice can be high in sugar (watch for added sugars), it is also high in vitamin C, excellent for warding away colds or the flu. 

4. Non-Alcoholic Fizzy Drinks

Who says party drinks need to make you feel woozy? Though many people think alcohol is the best way to perk up a party, plenty of folks would love to party without the hangover. 

These days it is possible thanks to a wide variety of fun, fizzy, fruity non-alcoholic drinks.

3. Coffee

This one shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone. Many people drink copious amounts of coffee every day to see them through all the tasks they have to accomplish. 

Over 70 countries worldwide produce coffee beans, and it is possible to find various flavours and styles. There’s even an expensive high-end coffee made by feeding the beans to elephants and collecting them from their excrement. If you have $50 to spend on a cup of coffee, try a cup of Black Ivory Coffee and let us know what you think!

2. Tea

Coffee drinkers love to debate this one with tea lovers. Despite the prevalence of coffee, tea wins the prestigious title of second-most-popular drink in the world. Pour hot water over cured tea leaves, let it steep for a few minutes, and enjoy a drink that has been relished for hundreds of years. 

Though perhaps not as common in the US, tea is very prominent in many cultures. For example, think about how vital tea time is in Britain or the traditional tea ceremonies in Japan. 

1. Water

Come on; you didn’t guess it? Of course, the all-time most popular drink in the world is plain old water. We all need it to survive, and though you could probably find a few people who have never tasted coffee or tea — everyone drinks water. 

Furthermore, water is the main ingredient in virtually every other drink. In a manner of speaking, all other beverages are just flavoured water.

Your Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink

What’s your favourite non-alcoholic drink? Does it appear on this list? 

Remember to drink plenty of water every day for optimal health. All of the drinks we’ve mentioned here contain a high amount of water, which means they count toward your daily goal. However, watch out for added sugars or artificial ingredients that aren’t healthy for you to consume in large amounts.