Dinner Parties

You love entertaining people, but this year you are tight on budget. Don’t worry; you can still hold that family gathering. You will always celebrate your last borns birthday party without using your retirement savings. Check out the following cheap dinner party ideas you can implement this year.


As you know, no party will start well without appetizers. Below are two examples of appetizers you can prepare with a low budget.

Cheese, Cracker and Fruit Tray

When you want to serve this tray as an appetizer, you need to be creative, because this tray can be expensive. Do not buy sliced cheese, order cheese in bulk to cut on cost, slice it to desired sizes.

Find out the stores that sell crackers on discount, then add the fruits on sale. You will save a lot from the tray.

Homemade Ranch Dip

Dips are typical appetizers served in parties. You can serve them independently or with accompaniments such as croutons. However, they are expensive to buy in large quantities. The brighter side is you can make your ranch dip at home. Buy garlic powder, pepper, mayonnaise, sour cream, parsley flakes, and salt. Blend all the ingredients and chill the dip for two hours.

Homemade Guacamole Dip

I love everything homemade. It allows me to exercise creativity. Well, it is hard to get ready-made guacamole dip in the market, unless you order from a nearby restaurant.

If your party coincides with the avocado sale in the market, prepare this delicious guacamole dip for your guests, it will cover up for any other flaws in the party.

Dinner Ideas

Steak and Chips Pie

When you want to entertain your guest while sticking to a strict budget, try this steak and chips pie. It is mouth-watering, and your guests will get full with one serving. You can use one luxury ingredient to add on taste and class. Two spoonfuls of pistachio can transform the taste of the whole pie, and your guests will not guess the whole party was on a tight budget.

Italian Pasta Casserole

You are used to preparing lasagna for your dinner parties, but they are a bit pricy due to the variety of ingredients you will need to add to the recipe. Opt for Italian pasta casserole. Its preparation is close to that of the traditional pasta bar, but you will spice it up before serving.

In this recipe, 1lb pasta accompanied with the other ingredients is enough to serve six guests. Therefore, if you intend to host 20 people, 3lb will be enough.

Taco Bar

Whenever you think of a cost-effective dinner parties, taco bars should be your go-to recipe. Prepare soft taco shells. They are cheaper to prepare compared to hard taco shells. For the topping, use ingredients that are available within your area, and remember to stick to your budget.

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich

When you want to prepare a cheap and easy variety dish, choose a hot roast beef sandwich, you are sure to get multiple compliments from this simple recipe. Although it has a prolonged cooking time, your guests will enjoy every bite of the sandwich. You better have another food item, because the sandwich will leave their taste buds craving for more.



Cakes are a standard dessert option for many parties. They are cheap and sweet. You can get a delicious cake from a local bakery. Prepare the frost and decorate it at home; you will cut on cost.

It would be much cheaper if you bake the cake at home. However, do it when you are an expert at baking. You surely don’t want to serve an excellent dinner and spoil at the dessert.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cookies are a great dessert option. Use organic ingredients to make your cookies healthy. The cookies are very delicious, people will beg for the recipe,

Bar Buffet

Bake around 3 or 4 bar varieties, serve them in trays as dessert. Bars are cheap to bake therefore you will have dessert for all at an affordable budget

Since the idea is to save money, you can request your guests to carry their favorite bars, and you will not need to prepare any dessert.


Parties do not have to be expensive. Entertain your guests on a low budget using the above dinner ideas, yes, a three-course meal that will not dent your wallet.