Cooking Tips

Maybe you think cooking is all about following cooking instructions from your grandma’s cookbook. The book may have several great recipes, but the cook who handles the food determines the cooking outcome. The secret behind excellent culinary skills is some invaluable cooking tips.

There are some general kitchen tips that you should follow to make your cooking experience easy and exciting. A happy cook prepares a hearty dish. Here are some culinary skills that will make you cook like a pro.

Equip Your Kitchen

When you want to learn cooking, you need to have the right equipment. If you listen to great chefs, you will realize they have several pieces of equipment for various purposes.

Do not worry if you have a small kitchen space; you can always purchase durable multipurpose kitchen equipment.

Buy different kinds of cookware for different methods of cooking. Different cooking materials will give you different outcomes. It is also impossible to cook all types of food using the same type of cooking pots. There are instances you will need woks and skillets. Ensure all your cookware is durable and have insulated handles and lids.

Get yourself assorted kitchen knives. There is a lot of cutting that happens in the kitchen; one type of knife may not be enough. You have an advantage because nowadays sellers pack all the knives in a set, all you need is to order a set of kitchen knives from your local store.

Have a checklist to check all the kitchen equipment that you need. If you are tight on budget, start buying the most essential, then you can add on the rest later.

Organize Your Kitchen

After your kitchen is fully equipped, organize everything, not just to be neat, but to access everything you need with ease. Arrange the fridge, sink, and stove/oven in a triangular setting. You can then arrange the reso of the kitchen strategically. Ensure you can reach all the items with ease.

Read The Recipe Carefully

Cookbooks offer valuable information on how to prepare a meal from scratch. Before preparing any meal, go through the recipe to be sure you have all the ingredients and the cooking equipment you will need throughout the cooking session.

Choose the right Ingredients

Your cookbook contains different types of oils, butter, creams, salts, peppers, etc. but have you ever paused and thought why not just name the ingredient using a general term. For example, the author can write salt instead of kosher salt, or just oil without specifying olive oil, sesame oil, etc.?

Chefs do not use these names to sound fancy; each kind of ingredient gives a different outcome. Read more about the ingredients and understand why they are used for a specific cooking method and not the other.

General Cooking Tips

The following tips will come in handy during your cooking sessions; they will also help you minimize kitchen accidents.

  • Use vegetable oil, peanut oil, and other oils with high smoke point high-temperature cooking. On the other hand, use butter and olive oil for low-temperature cooking.
  • Use a flat surface to break your eggs. It minimizes the chances of having shell bits into your food.
  • Natural acids such as vinegar and lemon juice brighten the flavor of your food. Wine is also used for the same purpose but never cook with a wine that you would not drink.
  • A teaspoon peels ginger better than a knife.
  • Measure and prepare all the ingredients you need before you commence with cooking.
  • Taste food every time before seasoning. It ensures you do not add too much seasoning.
  • When your food is too salty, toss a quartered potato and simmer for a few minutes. The potato will absorb some of the salt, hence toning down the salt flavor.
  • To get your bacon all crispy, cook it in the oven.
  • Store your vegetables in cold water. The water preserves the color of the vegetables. Hence they will be fresh for a longer period.
  • Buy an instant-read thermometer. It helps you know when your food cooks well instead of guessing.


When you are equipped with the above invaluable cooking tips, no one will ever guess you are a self-taught chef. Your guests will ask where you learned the exceptional culinary skills. The secret is well known to you when you succeed, share the secret with your friend, and let the world enjoy hearty dinners with family and friends.