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Cooking shouldn’t be Boring (Hacks for an Exciting Kitchen Experience)

Cooking should be a fun-filled activity, but using the same methods can turn it into a boring experience. To ensure you enjoy every minute spent in the kitchen, read on as we expound on interesting kitchen hacks you should try out.

But first, it is essential to pay attention to safety, ensure your kitchen is safe by storing sharp objects, lighters or matches away from reach.

Have a fire extinguisher nearby, and most importantly always ensure your kitchen is clean before cooking.

How to Soften the Butter and Maintain the Consistency

This kitchen hack is a life-saver, especially if you forget to remove your butter from the refrigerator on time. To get your butter ready, warm a glass by placing it in warm water. Then cover the butter with the warm glass. This technique softens your butter and also helps in maintaining the right consistency.

Get your Corn Ready in a Few Minutes

Removing the corn from the cob is one of the most tedious tasks in the kitchen, and while eating the corn from the cob is easy. For others or even the young ones, you need to remove the corn from the cob. An easy and neat way to get this done is by placing the cob in a bundt pan, this pan has a doughnut shape at the centre that helps to hold the cob straight.

Scrape the corn in a downward motion, this ensures the corn gets into the bowl, preventing spillage on the surface, in turn, reducing cleaning time.

How to Get Lemon Juice Drops

There is that one recipe in the back of your mind that requires a few drops of lemon juice. And you are hesitant to try it out to avoid wasting a whole lemon fruit. Using a toothpick prick the lemon fruit and squeeze the needed drops. When done, cover the hole with a piece of tape and place the fruit in the refrigerator.

Get that Garlic Ready in Seconds

Peeling the garlic is not always a fun experience, this tip, however, ensures your garlic is ready in just a few seconds. First, separate the garlic cloves, place the cloves in a container and cover. Shake the cloves for 15 to 30 seconds. After removing the cloves the outer layer should be easy to remove.

Tired of Crying Every Time You Cut the Onion

Onions produce irritants that affect the eyes, in turn, making the eyes teary. To avoid this peel the onions and soak in cold water for a few minutes. Alternatively, you could refrigerate the onions. However, remember not to over soak or refrigerate the onions as they can become mushy.

Take Away

These kitchen hacks are not only easy, cost-effective but also ensure you enjoy preparing and cooking those hearty meals. From making it easy to peel your garlic, to avoiding extra cleaning after removing the corn from the comb, keeping your kitchen clean and your cooking fun, these kitchen hacks are a must-try.