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Cocktails and COVID-19: Matthew Iovane Explains the Relationship Between the Virus and Alcohol 

Matthew Iovane makes his money by being an angel investor in alcohol start-ups. As he has a vested interest in the alcohol industry, he has paid close attention to any potential ties between alcohol and the Coronavirus. He would like to share what he has learned about the relationship between the virus and alcohol with you.


Matthew Iovane States Why People Are Curious About Alcohol and the COVID-19 Virus

Matthew Iovane says that people started to become curious about alcohol and the COVID-19 virus when the pandemic first began. When the pandemic first began, it was reported that the alcohol in hand sanitizers and other cleaning agents could kill the virus. As such, people started to wonder if they drank alcohol, if that could kill the virus and prevent you from getting the illness or if it could kill the virus once you already had the coronavirus. Unfortunately, alcohol does not work the same in the body as it does on hands and surfaces, and as such, drinking alcohol cannot kill the virus if you have it.

Matthew Iovane Explains What Effect Wine Has on Coronavirus

Matthew Iovane states that while alcohol cannot kill the virus if you already have COVID-19, research is starting to emerge that some types of alcohol, such as wine, may reduce the likelihood of your catching Coronavirus. Studies have shown that people who drink a limited amount of wine, 14 glasses of red wine or less per week, were 17 percent less likely to catch the virus compared to people who drank no wine. The same study found that those that drank a limited amount of white wine or champagne were eight percent less likely to catch the virus compared to those who did not drink wine. At this time, more research needs to be done to find out why this is and whether this is a pattern or a true correlation.

Matthew Iovane Details the Effect Other Types of Alcohol Have on the COVID-19 Virus

Matthew Iovane explains that wine and champagne have been the only types of alcohol that have been shown to potentially reduce the risk of catching COVID-19. Studies involving beer, spiked seltzers, and other types of hard liquor have shown that there was no reduction or increase in catching the virus if you drank any of these spirits. As such, if you enjoy drinking alcohol, you can continue to do so without having to worry about alcohol’s ability to prevent Coronavirus. However, it is important to note that alcohol can slow down the immune system. As such, you should stop drinking if you catch COVID-19 so your immune system can fight this virus.

Alcohol, particularly red and white wines, may help reduce the risk of you catching Coronavirus. However, alcohol as a whole can also suppress your immune system, which can be harmful if you do catch the virus. As such, you should continue to drink wine and alcohol in a healthy and safe manner, but you should try to avoid alcohol if you develop any symptoms associated with COVID-19 or you test positive.