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Can I Deep Fry Using Olive Oil?

Can I Deep Fry Using Olive Oil?

Did you know that using olive oil in cooking helps to reduce chronic diseases? Olive oil has antioxidants that are active in maintaining the right cholesterol in your body. There are more benefits you can get from using olive oil, for example, it helps reduce and prevent stroke. When you use olive oil your body is resistant to heart diseases.

Two types of olive oil are extra virgin olive oil and light olive oil. The two have different smoking points. The extra virgin olive oil has a smoking point of 160°C while the light olive oil has 230°C. People often use light olive oil due to its high smoking point.

Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils that you can use in cooking and also deep frying.

When deep frying ensures that you have heated the oil to high temperatures. When you don’t do this your food will absorb the oil that will add more cholesterol which is unhealthy.

One of the reasons you should deep-fry with olive oil is that the oil does not leave its taste on the food. Olive oil has a strong and unique taste. When deep-frying with olive oil, no taste or flavor is absorbed in the food. This will ensure that your food retains its taste. Many people enjoy foods that retain their taste and deep-frying with olive oil will reap them this benefit.

Deep frying using olive oil is much better than boiling vegetables. When you boil vegetables you pour the nutrients that you are expected to consume. Using olive oil will add more benefits to your veggies.

Olive Oil Myths

There are some myths that people hold as to why you should not use olive oil in deep frying. They have held these myths as truth which has led them to use other oils to deep fry foods and avoiding olive oil.

One of the myths held is that deep frying with olive oil changes the oil to bad oil. Oil is said to be bad oil when it changes its chemical components. These changes may release cancerous toxic chemicals. Saturated oils are the ones that mostly release these chemicals. On the other hand, olive oil is unsaturated oil which does not give room to the production of these chemicals when heated.

Another reason why deep frying with olive oil is not common is that the oil is expensive. Deep frying requires a lot of oil and this means you have to spend some money to do the purchasing. Therefore people will prefer to get affordable oils such as vegetable oil to use in deep frying other than olive oil.

Away from the myths and arguments against deep frying with olive oil, the oil makes food crunchy crispy and delicious.

In conclusion, with no doubts, you can deep fry foods with olive oil. All you need to is to have enough olive oil that is of high quality. You will certainly enjoy foods that are deep-fried in olive oil.