Breakfast Ideas

Start your day with a breakfast that will keep you full until lunchtime. Although you usually take snacks in between meals, choose breakfast ideas that are healthy and appetizing.

Do not restrict yourself to a boring breakfast due to the diet you practice. I will take you through a few popular diets and the breakfast ideas you can try out.

Mediterranean breakfast

Mediterranean diet c on whole grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and seafood. You can incorporate minimal non-fish meat.below are two exciting breakfast dishes you can take when you are practicing Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean Breakfast Sandwiches

The sandwiches have plenty of vegetables. You will need a protein; therefore, you can add an egg or your favourite fish. My favourite Mediterranean sandwich consists of sandwich things, baby spinach, eggs, tomato, feta cheese, and seasoning.

One serving of this sandwich will give you enough calories to keep you warm in chilly mornings. It also has enough fibre and sugar for energy. The proteins, vitamins, and minerals are enough for one serving.

Roast Salmon and Poached Egg Toast

It is time to transform your avocado toast into a tasty, balanced Mediterranean toast. Add some poached eggs, smoked salmon and some microgreens. Add soy sauce and seasoning for taste. Remember to use a whole-grain toast.

Keto Breakfast

Keto diet is a high-fat low carb diet. People who want to lose weight without cutting on animal protein consumption. Keto diet has a lot of similarities with the Atkins Diet, Low-Carb diet and other diets that emphasize low-carb consumption.

Keto Breakfast Burritos

Prepare your burrito base with eggs and full-fat cream. You can alter the taste of a basic burrito by adding seasonings of your choice.

There are various fillings you can use. The most common fillings are ham, bacon, cheese, avocado, cour cream, wilted spinach, chipotle sauce, dill, smoked salmon, horseradish sauce, and many more. Select the combination of your choice, avoid overdoing it. Add a considerable amount of vegetables.

Keto Sandwich

Sandwiches are common across all diets. However, a keto sandwich should have high and healthy fats and low in carbohydrates.

Many keto sandwiches have eggs on the outside and tasty vegetables, cream cheese, avocado, and seasoning if you need something to hold. Substitute the eggs with sausage patties. The sandwich has a lot of health benefits. It is fit for someone struggling to lose weight.

The Vegan Breakfast

The vegan diet is one of the exclusive plant-based diets. Sometimes the terms vegan diet and vegetarian diets are used interchangeably. However, you should note that they have minor differences: vegan is purely plant-based. At the same time, vegetarianism eliminates meat and other animal products; you can use a few animal products in a vegetarian diet. You can take a vegan diet once in a while, even when you are not a practicing vegan.

The vegan diet has amazing benefits for your body. However, when not careful, it may lead to nutritional deficiencies. Before practicing pure vegan, research on ways to get the right amount of proteins. Below are two examples of vegan breakfast ideas.

Tofu Breakfast Tacos

Tacos are delicious, especially when you know how to prepare them. The advantage of using tofu is because it is a plant-based protein. You can make plenty of tofu and reheat it for up to two days.

One serving of tofu tacos will give you high fibre, enough proteins, and carbohydrates. Add salt and seasoning to your liking. Enjoy your healthy breakfast tacos.

Raw Vegan Breakfast

Vegan diets are so versatile. You do not need to cook all the meals. Since the diet is plant-based, there are a lot of raw dishes you can prepare for breakfast. Mix fruits and chopped vegetables. Add some nuts to give you proteins. Well, nuts contain proteins and carbohydrates. Add some olive oil, and if you like, you can add a tablespoon of honey or some homemade yogurt.


There are plenty of breakfast ideas cutting across various diets. Each of us practices one or more diets. Meat-based foods are so conventional. You can eat sausages, egg-based pancakes, casseroles, burritos, cakes, bread, etc.

The idea of breakfast should be healthy and fulfilling. This article has given you a few of the breakfast ideas you can prepare for your family. They can bring a change to your usual meat-based breakfasts.