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Best Croatian Destinations For Next Summer

Winter presently lingers above our heads with summer now nothing but a distant memory. If your previous summer vacation offers little to look back on then you can look forward to the next one that brings with it the prospects of an unrivaled hot season gateway in beautiful Croatia. A country imbued with idyllic islands, enchanting landmarks, historic monuments, and beguiling architecture as far as the eye can see, this Dalmatian nation is something out of this world. On that note, today’s post will be taking a look at some of the best Croatian destinations perfect for your next holiday.

1) Dubrovnik


It would be an understatement to say that the Old Town is magical because Dubrovnik is living proof that heaven is real and exists very much here on earth. The town is a conglomerate of ancient walls and buildings reeking of an intriguing Roman touch with beautiful peddled streets hiding serene trails and scenic havens in the midst of a collection of alluring Croatia property. The town boasts many jewels including St John fort, Loggia square, and Rector’s Palace & Museum just to name a few. Most notably though, Dubrovnik also doubles up as “King’s Landing” in the hit TV sci-fi “Game of Thrones”.

2) Hvar

Look to Hvar for an endless supply of sun-soaked beaches and beautiful coves not to mention a bustling nightlife to keep the fun going from dusk till dawn. This famous island is perhaps most known for the latter aspect as it is home to a number of high-profile party spots such as the revered Carpe Diem nightclub. Aside from an irresistible party aura, Hvar also holds within its boundaries UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the intriguing Stari Grad plains and other past century marvels such as Fortica castle.

3) Korcula

Just south of the aforementioned island lies Korcula whose name reverberates across the globe courtesy of providing residence to one of history’s greatest ever explorer-cum-artist, Marco Polo. You can learn all about him and much more at the island’s historical museum before kicking your feet up on one of the island’s many beautiful beaches. Those who fancy a taste of rich, authentic wines will also be delighted to hear that Korcula is home to many native wineries with treats and a skillset spanning a couple of centuries.

4) Split


More “Game of Throne” goodies are on offer in Split as the town was used to depict the surreal city of Mereen in the viral series. However, Split is more known for its convenient positioning on the geographical map that sets it perfectly to serve as a getaway to many delightful Adriatic islands such as Vis and Brač. Moreover, Split proves endearing for its other attractions which include the gorgeous Bacvice beach and St Domnius cathedral which provides panoramic views of the city below. With so much on offer, it is no surprise that Split is a bustling real estate marketplace.

5) Rovinj

Peace, quiet and raw beauty characterize Rovinj that is wonderfully confined within a circular peninsula dotted with vibrant structures and Venetian-themed palaces. It is a popular fishing spot for the locals -thanks to its overly fertile waters that are always brimming with fish- and a sought-after location by tourists because of the overflowing nature that immerses the island in a divine paradise. The sleepy town also provides refuge to a couple of interesting parks, one-of-a-kind sandy contours and various structural relics of the distant past.

This list barely even scratches the surface in terms of what Croatia has to offer as the answer to that is a lot. You can make up for a dull uneventful summer gone by with a memorable and definitely unforgettable visit to this Balkan nation.