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Are Pre-Made Cocktails Any Good? What are the Benefits?

Sitting down after a long day of work with a stiff drink is one of life’s simplest pleasures when it’s done responsibly.

However, it can get pretty expensive if you want to mix your own cocktails all the time. You have to buy the alcohol that is heavily taxed, all of the ingredients that go into the cocktail, and of course, something a little classier to drink it out of. That’s not counting shakers and other equipment. When you have a particularly complex taste, it can cost quite a bit.

That’s where pre-made cocktails come in, but are they worth it? Let’s go over the benefits.


As we said in the intro, making your own cocktails from scratch can get pretty expensive. Unless you drink the same exact thing every day, you’ll practically need an entire at-home bar to keep your options open, and that is not cheap to start or maintain.

In comparison, pre-made cocktails are exceptionally cheap. You buy them in packs of six, twelve, or larger, and it comes down to just a few dollars per cocktail.


This goes hand in hand with price. It only gets more expensive when you buy the stuff to make multiple types of cocktails. However, when you purchase pre-made cocktails, you can buy variety packs.

A variety pack gives you a few of several very popular flavors; allowing you to switch up your nightly drink a little bit, and you don’t have to worry about buying a ton of products.

There are various packs available that have different sets of flavors. So, you’ll want to browse until you find something that at least sounds like it’s something you’ll enjoy.

When purchased this way, it is a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay to make several types of mixed drinks at home.


Have you ever gone to a bar and ordered a drink you ended up loving, but the next time you went, it tasted off? No, your tastebuds aren’t playing with your head. Bar drinks and home drinks are very inconsistent. At the bar, you have to consider that a new bartender might be making your drink, or the usual bartender might go a little lighter or heavier on the pour; throwing your drink off entirely. At home, you’re not a professional bartender, and we doubt you’ll make it exactly the same every time.

With a pre-made cocktail, that’s not a problem. Companies use machines to can and mix their cocktails, and that removes the ability for little fluctuations in alcohol content or flavor enhancers.

This leads to you receiving a much more consistent drink than if you made it yourself or went to the bar.

Are They Worth it?

At the end of the day, pre-made cocktails aren’t just worth it. They’re the best way to enjoy a stiff drink in many situations. If you’re at home just trying to relax, throwing a little get-together with your friends, or doing something else that’s casual, a pre-made cocktail is an ideal way to have a great time and save a bit of money.

However, they do seem to be out of place at formal events. So, try to choose a drink that’s more suitable for formal occasions.