About Us

The Gowlett is a team of dedicated food and drink professionals focused on bringing training and mentoring to food professionals.

What We're All About

Our team live for cooking, dining out and teaching other people how to become great cooks or just to be a better all round entertainment host.


Become a better chef

Our courses are designed by some of the worlds leading chefs and 

Peter Ranson
World Renown Chef
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Our Vision

Who We Are

"To be a good chef you need a love of whats good, a love of hard work and a love of creating..

Our chef, industry specialists and drinks connoisseurs have put together a range of training material, courses and events throughout the year to help you on your quest to become a world class host. 

We have over 45 chefs, 25 drinks connoisseurs and 4,000 online members who are dedicated to the mission to make the world a more fun place to be. 

From cooking great food to hosting amazing dinner parties, cocktail events or whisky tasting seminars.

It all starts with great food.  If you would like to sign up to our members section you can find more information by clicking here. Or get in touch via our contact form here.


Learn From the best

Learn how to cook, entertain and host your own amazing events with inspiration from some of the worlds leading chefs.

Learn at home or online

Our courses are designed so that you can learn from anywhere in the world. You can attend our world wide annual training events or study online.

Recognised Certification

Everyone who attends and complete our courses will receive an industry worldwide recognised accreditation.