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A 10 Minute Step-by-Step Guide to Homemade Chili Oil

If you like spicy and hot foods, you are likely to be interested in learning how to make chili oil. Chili oil is commonly used for garnishing different kinds of pasta, seafood, risottos, stir-fried foods, and more. Essentially, chili oil is dried chilies that are preserved in oil.

You can easily make chili oil at home by following a proper guide. You will, however, need to note a few things when using the chili oil you make at home. Freshly made chili oil is mild and may not be very spicy when you use it as finishing oil for your dishes. When you store it, however, it becomes hotter because the chilies continue to release their heat. Thus, always taste the oil before you use it so that you can achieve the level of hotness you need.

Making Chili oil

The secret to making the perfect chili oil is exposing the chilies you are going to use to an appropriate amount of heat. Expose them to adequate heat so that they release flavor. Ensure the heat is not so much as to cause them to cook or burn.


● Carefully select the chili peppers that you will use

The type of chili that you use for the chili oil will affect the flavor you will have at the end. Various kinds of chilies have different flavors and hotness levels. Pimiento chili peppers are mild and are commonly known in the form of paprika, the Hungarian spice. If you’re going for a moderate hotness level, your options would be Jalapeno peppers, Cayenne peppers, or Thai chili peppers. Serrano peppers are hot, while Habanero peppers are very hot. Ancho chili is not only hot but also has an aspect of smokiness to it. You will first need to decide the flavor that you want when choosing the right chili.

Choose the oil to use wisely

Just like the type of chili affects the end result, so does the oil that you use to preserve them. You need to use neutral oils when you want to use your homemade chili oil for cooking. If you are using it as a garnish or finishing oil, then you have to get flavorful oils, like olive oil. You can also consider using sesame oil, though this will give it a different taste and is best used for garnishing. Peanut and vegetable oils are also excellent choices.



2 tbsp red chili flakes

1 cup oil

3 whole dried red chilies


Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Add the chili flakes and the whole chilies. Stir and keep stirring until the chilies begin to sizzle gently, for about 1 minute.

Add the rest of the oil in the pan. Heat until the oil warms up, but not too hot. It should be at a temperature where you can touch it. Turn off the heat and let it cool.

Pour in an airtight jar or bottle for storage. Shake it occasionally to distribute the chilies.

In conclusion, you can make this recipe in ten minutes because it does not require a lot of work and skill.