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7 Cake Decorations that You Can Do at Home

Are you a fan of baking cakes? Have you ever done cake decorations before? Well, if you haven’t it’s time you tried it out. You don’t require to have done a pastry course to decorate a cake. It all requires passion and dedication towards what you are doing. Many people know how to bake cakes but when it comes to decoration a few know how. This is because decorating a cake requires creativity.

In this guideline, we shall highlight 7 cake decorations that you can do at home.

Before we go to the 7 cake decoration ideas it is important to know the right tools for cake decoration. Examples of these tools include turntable, cake leveler, cake board, piping bags, spatula, and a piping tip. When you have these items you can do cake décor easily

1. Fruits Decoration

You can decorate your cake by using different kinds of fruits. Strawberries and blueberries are the most used cake decoration that makes the cake look appealing and enticing. You can decorate the cake by making different patterns using the fruits. Ensure the fruits are ripe and fresh.

2. Gummy Bears and Raisins Decorations

Gummy bears are a type of sweets that have shapes of beers that come in different colors. You consider covering a whole cake with them. This decoration does not require a lot of work because you’re only placing them in any order. This is because the different color makes the cake attractive. You can also add raisins on the cake. Raisins are very important because they help retain the cake’s moisture.

3. Marshmallow Decorations

Marshmallow is made up of sugar and gelatin. It is soft on chewing. This kind of decoration is loved by kids due to marshmallow sweetness. If you’re decorating a cake for your child’s birthday this is what you need to consider. It is an easy way to decorate a cake and at the same time, it makes the cake look expensive. You use marshmallows in creating number shapes.

4. Stencil and Powdered Sugar Decorations

When decorating many people use a stencil because it comes with patterns and letters to help in designing a cake. When you have a stencil pattern you can decorate your cake using powdered sugar of any color.

5. Wafer Sticks Decorations

Wafers go well with chocolate cakes. You can consider decorating your chocolate cake with wafer sticks which you will then wrap with a ribbon. The wafer sticks come in different colors that you can choose from and get a matching ribbon. You can also improvise Kit Kat for wafer in this kind of decoration.

6. Oreo Cake Decoration

Go shopping and purchase Oreo biscuits that will be enough for the decoration. There are various ways to decorate using Oreo. You can consider crushing the Oreo to form chips in which you will sprinkle on the cake or you can just use them as a whole on your cake.

7. Flowers Decoration

You can consider using real flowers to decorate the cake. It is important to note that not all flowers are safe for cake decoration. Examples of flowers you can use include lavender, violet, Roses, and Marigold.

In conclusion, cake decoration is an exciting activity you can do with friends and family. Try it out today.