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4 Tips For Eating at Restaurants Overseas


Now that the world is starting to open back up again, more and more people are thinking about making travel plans. Traveling overseas is a lot of fun and can open your eyes to how people do things in cultures that are much different from your own. It’s also a great time to explore all of the different food options they have in other countries, and you may end up finding your new favorite thing to eat! But eating in restaurants overseas can come with its own challenges. In order to make your next big trip a lot less stressful, you may need these 4 tips for trying new foods and restaurants overseas.

Look Out For Pests

Lots of different bugs and animals live in various different places in the world, so when traveling keep in mind that you might get some unwelcome visitors at some point in a restaurant, and maybe even in your own hotel room.  Cockroaches, rats, alligators, large spiders, and other scary looking bugs can be issues depending on where you are. It helps to scope the place out before sitting down to dine, and ideally reading reviews.  A pest problem is almost always a sign of a hygiene issue.

Book Ahead Of Time

In addition to booking your restaurant ahead of time, you should also do the same for flights, trains, and places to stay. Make sure everything is booked way ahead of time, especially during a time like this when travel is ramping back up and many people are likely going to be visiting at the same time. The best restaurants and places to stay may be fully booked weeks or even months in advance, so you’ll want to plan ahead. Don’t ever travel to a foreign country without a plan, especially if you want to make sure you taste all the great flavors.

Be Aware Of Cultural Differences

Depending one what country you live in and where you plan on traveling to, you may find some major differences between the cultures. People all over the world have their own ways of doing things and while these may seem strange or wrong to you at first, if you express that to them it may be offensive. 

Some practices when it comes to eating in restaurants are important culturally even if they seem silly to you. Try to respect the cultural differences and remember that you are the one visiting. If you don’t like the way they do things, you can go back home! 

Do Your Research

It’s smart to do your research before traveling to any place you have never been before. You will want to make sure you are staying in a safe area, what the tipping procedures are, fun things to do, costs, distances between places, etc. You can find plenty of information on just about any place in the world online, or check your local library for a helpful book!

Eating delicious new foods overseas will be so much easier with these simple tips! Bon Voyage!